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We are committed to building the green energy future.


The nature of our work.

IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. first started in the European renewable energy market back in 2012. With the strong determination that stems from the Nordics and the Scandinavian work ethic and mentality, IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. entered the U.S. energy market in 2014. Since then, we have been developing, investing, and growing our renewable energy asset portfolio in the United States.

We want to help other cool companies achieve their zero-carbon goals by providing renewable energy for their operations, ideas, and innovations. We want to support others so that they can reach their cool goals too. We apply what we have cultivated in the Nordic market and now we are growing in the United States. That’s what makes us IOWN. That’s how we keep you cool.

15 years ago, the power sector looked quite different from what it is now – the share of renewable energy has increased remarkably. Solar and wind power are the fastest-growing energy technologies and there are no signs of slowing down. We are utilizing the scalability of clean energy technologies and contributing to the growth of commercial and utility-scale renewable energy projects.

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Today, any successful renewable energy project need to be of the same framework, quality and as risk-reduced as any other large scale industrial project in order to attract the often substantial investment needed.

Our team have for a significant number of years seen the requirements increase among investors based on the raised level of maturity in the market. For us these circumstances create two business areas.

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Project Development.

IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. develops renewable energy projects from infancy to feasibility. We strive to be the leading team in the development, engineering, procurement, finance, construction, and selling of top-tier renewable energy assets.

We invest resources into projects, people, and ideas where we believe we can make a difference and where there is a mutual benefit for the planet, people, and business. We invest time and development capital into three specific renewable areas:

  • Wind
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage (Hydro and Battery)
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The invested development capital, depending on the scope of the project, is used to develop the projects to reach the following status: Permitted - Technical Optimized - Financial Optimized - Ready to Construct and Packaged for Investor.

Let us help you. We want to support others on their road to renewables and are searching for co-development opportunities. We act as a partner and co-investor alongside local developers we can complement for achieving successful renewable energy projects.

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Transaction Services.

We cover the complete value chain in the transaction from optimization of project assets to final contract negotiation. We understand the factors and circumstances vital for investment. We are the professional partner for an optimized profit profile.

Our experienced team is here for you.

To close the gap and make a transaction happen one must know both the project development and investments involved. This is where we at IOWN come in.

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This deep knowledge within our company makes it possible for us to supply services between the two parties at any point in the value chain. We are the bridge between developers and investors ensuring successful renewable energy projects and a green, prosperous future.

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