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Our roots.

Our roots.

It all began in Sweden in 2008, when IOWN’s ultimate predecessor Svenska Vindbolaget AB, was founded by Hans-Christian Schulze and Richard Larsson. They had a simple goal: to develop wind projects better than anyone else.

They achieved their goal by securing exclusivity for nearly 700 potential turbine locations in Sweden in three years. The key to their success was seizing opportunities without the fear of failing.

In 2011, they sold their company and helped the new owner become one of the largest wind developers in the Nordics and become publicly traded, largely due to the original 700 turbine locations. Today, the legacy lives at the core of IOWN.

wind turbines in landscape

Hans-Christian Schulze

CEO and President of IOWN, Hans-Christian is an Electrical Power Systems Engineer and has been active in the power and utility industry for more than 15 years.

Since 2008, he has been responsible for the development of >1,000 MW of renewable energy projects and has been instrumental in raising > $1 billion of financing.

Hans-Christian served previously in executive roles and had a key role in bringing a European wind developer to the stock market.

Hans-Christian Schultze on site

Richard Larsson

CEO of IOWN's Nordic business unit, Richard has worked in the renewable energy sector for more than 18 years on the utility and project development side of operations.

Between 2011 and 2021, Richard held numerous executive positions within the sector and is now leading IOWN's establishment of the Nordic business unit and project pipeline.

Richard holds a master's degree in Power Systems and Transmission and has been involved in forming the Swedish national grid code.

wind turbines in landscape

Meet the crew.

Hans-Christian Schulze

CEO and President

Sarah Broderick

Senior Director, Corporate Finance and Administration

John Marchand

Chief Commercial Officer

Kathy Lin

Chief Development Officer

Jay Sonnenberg

General Counsel

Meredith Fuselier

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition and Development

Jen Cogdell

Associate Director, Project Development

Jeff McKay

Associate Director, Marketing

Beki Nobles

Senior Manager, Corporate Finance and Administration

Maribel Adams Gil

Senior Accounting Manager

Chris White

Senior Manager, Project Origination and GIS Lead

Ed Duggan

Senior Director, Wind Origination and Development

Jason Nobles

Asset Manager

Giulia Croce

Manager, Transactions and Business Development

Ted Stuebner

Manager, External Affairs, Outreach and Communication

Shaphan Hills

Strategic Assistant to CEO

Simon Holm

Senior Software Engineer

Darren Robinson

Senior Director, Land Acquisition and Development

Roby Maxwell

Senior Manager, Project Development and Resource Assessment

Andrea Arellano

Administration Manager

Lindsay Toste

Project Development Associate

Noah Stoop

GIS Specialist

Julia Ryberg

Junior Accountant

Hanna Wallgren

Recruitment Specialist

Keilyn Kramer

Special Projects and Development Coordinator

Erik Sundin Rydehag

Project Development Intern

Nazif Kadiroglu

Project Development Intern

Adam Westberg

Project Development Intern