The IOWN team happily walking in the harbour

Who we areand our vision

We are a diverse team with a common goal of developing clean energy assets.


Meet the crew.

Each member of our team is an integral part in contributing to our overall success, and our company goal of being known for having highly skilled and professional employees.

Hans-Christian Schulze


Sarah Broderick

Director, Corporate Finance and Administration

Beki Nobles

Corporate Finance and Administration Manager

Maribel Adams Gil

Accounting Manager

Giulia Croce

Corporate Finance and Administration Associate

Shilpa Shah

Director, Project Development – Solar and Storage

Chris White

Development Services Senior Manager

Caitlin Jensen

Senior Manager, Project Development Operations

Lucas Ingvoldstad

Director, Business Development and Governmental Affairs

Ed Duggan

Director, Project Development – Wind

Jason Nobles

Site Manager

Ted Stuebner

Project Manager

Shaphan Hills

Project Manager

Simon Holm

Full-stack Engineer

Jonna Johansson

Marketing Consultant

Miia Zitting



It is all quite simple.

Our vision is ambitious and we are ambitious people.

It all makes sense.

We are on our way to establish a large high quality project portfolio of wind, solar and storage projects together with key people in our industry.

IOWN Teammembers laughing on a boat
The team on a boat

Green sustainable future.

IOWN will by this care for our children, and the children of others, to have the possibility to live in a vibrant green and sustainable society.

That is our vision.

Smiling team members