Sustainability - IOWN Renewable Inc.

Windmils against the skyline in California countryside

Sustainabilitycaring for the environement and community

We are people and planet focused

We are in business to transform the energy industry towards sustainability by developing and investing in solar and wind energy projects, and battery energy storage systems. We invest in projects, people and ideas within the domain of sustainability. In everything we do, we take care of the planet and people. This is our way to give back.

The Environment

The utilization of renewable energy has several benefits to the environment - it reduces the energy sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and improves the state of the climate by slowing down the warming of the globe. Renewable energy is important in building a green future without emission-intense fossil fuels.

Renewable energy does not come as a trade-off. The same land area can be harnessed for both agriculture and renewable energy generation. With the ever-growing pressure for efficient land use, we strive to plan our projects startegically where there is a mutual benefit for land owners and communities that we partner with.

Sunset in the desert

Environmental benefits of renewable energy

Using the replensihing natural resources
Less harm for the planet and people
Reducing global CO2 emissions
Sustainable energy for families and businesses

The Community

Our development and management of renewable energy assets is done in close partnership with local stakeholders and communities. We develop our projects with the mutual goal of building stronger, and healthier communities by offering a clean energy alternative. For us, local partnership is vital, and we include stakeholder engagement in every part of the process.

Our projects support local economies with long-term green job growth. Also, we offer a reliable revenue stream through land leases to landowners. We aim to do as much locally as we can while improving the communities and infrastructure surrounding our projects.

Iown team onsite

community benefits of renewable energy

Long-term job growth
Healthier community (eg. better air quality)
Better Infrastructure
Affordable electricity
windmills on desert ridge